We offer a comprehensive range of diver operable subsea tools for rental which can be controlled under hydraulic, electric or pneumatic circuitry.

Pryme Group’s offshoring and marine specialist member company SengS has designed and built bespoke diver tools for 4 years, providing solutions for every issue brought to them to make sure divers are adequately equipped underwater.

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Diver Tools & Equipment

Riser Cleaning Tool

The Riser Cleaning Tool is a lightweight and easy to function tool which fits securely onto risers ranging from 200-300mm OD with minimal adjustments required. Water pressure of up to 10,000psi is used to provide 360-degree cleaning of the riser.

Integrated debris removal scrapers on both ends of the tool ensure that it can operate bi-directionally thus offering potential time savings during cleaning operations.

Hot Stabs & Receptacles

Pryme Group provide various Hot Stabs for diver use.

  • High Flow Hot Stabs
  • 17D Hot Stabs
  • 17H Hot Stabs
  • Dummy Hotstabs
  • Hotstab Recepticles

Hydraulic Impact Drill Wrench ID07t

The Stanley ID07 is a hand-held tool designed for use by a diver or ROV. It provides an exceptional output torque from a compact and lightweight tool.

Hydraulic Underwater Breaker BR45

The BR45 is a medium duty breaker. These units are well balanced for minimum operator fatigue. Ideal for breaking concrete and small rocks, rod diving and tamping.

Hydraulic Underwater Breaker BR67

The BR67 is a medium to heavy-duty breaker. These units are well balanced for minimum operator fatigue. Ideal for breaking concrete and small rocks, rod diving and tamping.

Hydraulic Underwater Cable Cutter

Hydraulic underwater 19mm to 120mm cable cutter is diver operable. Hydraulic cable cutter is ideal for cutting copper, aluminium and various umbilicals having a maximum overall diameter of up to 120mm. The blades are manufactured from high strength heat treated steel to ensure a long service life.

Underwater Drilling Broaching Machine DB150

DB150 Underwater Drilling / Broaching Machine with a magnetic or clamp base has been designed and developed for the particular needs of underwater engineering specialists, this unique machine uses hydraulic power and a special mechanically switched magnet to bring the accuracy and performance of bench drills to underwater work pieces.

Diamond Wire Cutter (DWC)

The SengS’ Diamond Wire Cutting System (DWCS) is a high-efficiency system for cutting underwater structures and pipelines using a specially designed Diamond Wire.

ROV Cable Umbilical Cutter

WC Cutter is a hydraulically-actuated manipulator-deployed tool designed to cut up to a 270mm diameter wire rope and subsea umbilicals. It consists of a hardened tool steel blade and side plates, a hydraulic cylinder, and a T-handle.

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

The SengS standard hydraulic power unit is primarily designed to operate subsea tooling. These units are also suitable for various other applications such as hydraulic testing and flushing activities.

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