SengS Develop Riser Cleaning Tool

SengS announce the completion of our Riser Cleaning Tool, adding to our expanding Subsea Tooling range, the first in a series of Adaptable Riser Cleaning Tools available for hire.

This bespoke tool was designed, manufactured and tested in-house within a 15-day time frame and has already secured its first hire from a major subsea service contractor based in Westhill, who’s end-client is a major Operator.

SengS Develop Riser Cleaning Tool from SengS on Vimeo.

A spokesperson for SengS said, “This lightweight and easy to function tool securely fits onto risers ranging from 200-300mm OD with minimal adjustments required. Water pressure of up to 10,000psi is used to provide 360 degree cleaning of the riser. Integrated debris removal scrapers on both ends of the tool ensure that it can operate bi-directionally thus offering potential time savings during cleaning operations.”

They added, “SengS will be increasing their rental fleet of riser cleaning tools to capture all standard sizes as the market requires. Our next milestone will see the addition of further ranges of Subsea Tooling and Deck Equipment which will be both for sale and hire within our growing Rental business”

SengS philosophy is to deliver a superior quality of products and services within reduced response times, focusing on reducing costs for the client.

SengS are an Independent, Aberdeenshire-based, Engineering & Service Company providing Engineering, Testing, Control & Hydraulic Systems and Tooling to the Energy Industry

To find out more about how SengS can assist your business with our range of services, please contact Neil Christie on 01358 720854 or visit

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