SengS’s talented engineers bring a broad mix of specialisms to allow the company to provide design and consultancy services; from three-dimensional analysis, through to prototyping.

Design Reviewing

3D Design Services

System Design

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Engineering Design & Consultancy

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Broad Designer Experience

Due to Pryme Group’s broad service offering, we have design capabilities for anything from CNC manufacturing, testing systems, hydraulics, and more; with a history of working for the defence, aerospace and oil & gas industries.

3D Design Services

Our design teams use the latest 3D CAD software to create everything from simple components to complex 3D assemblies. View our gallery for selected examples of previous design work or watch our animation videos below to see them in action.

Hydraulic Design

Our hydraulic design team can design modular and bespoke hydraulic power units, test equipment, manifolds and electrical control systems. Read more about our group hydraulic design.

Product Prototyping and Testing

Pryme Group can design concept products to meet individual requirements; taking them from 3D design to model prototyping following our engineering design process – even manufacturing small quantities of finished products for proofing.

FEA & CFD Analysis

Pryme Group can undertake finite element method and computational fluid dynamics analysis; enabling us to perform complex simulation scenarios while designing products suited for harsh or submerged usage.

Engineering Design

Bespoke Solution Designs

Pryme Group specialises in solution design; able to rapidly turn around fabricated products with short notice. This service allows our team to undertake emergency work, fabricating equipment or machinery and then installing it on site.

To the right is a video of an fast turn around riser cleaning tool for a subsea Oil & Gas client, designed, manufactured and operational in the field within 14 days.

Engineering Design

3D Design Animation

To bring our 3D designs to life, and demonstrate how a prototype may work in the field, we can provide animations showing bespoke projects functioning. Below are some examples we’ve created for our Oil & Gas clients: