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Our hyperbaric testing equipment allows us to test components up to 26,500 psi / 1827 bar external pressure simulating 18,000m subsea depth with an internal capacity from 117mm up to 2.5m Diameter and a length of 1m up to 6.7m.

Depending on the client and component testing requirements, the chamber allow us to test in both a vertical or horizontal orientations. The chamber endcaps are designed to allow through communication to the product under test allowing data and functional control. In addition to this, the chamber can be climate controlled (-70°C to 660°C).

Hyperbaric testing is the only way to effectively simulate subsea conditions to verify the integrity and reliability of transducers, electrical connectors, umbilicals, hydraulic and subsea components. Our testing facility has the state-of-the-art capability for remote monitoring giving absolute safety for 3rd party inspectors and our personnel.  Digital data of the entire process is recorded and stored,  with the customer receiving a full electronic test certificate and data on completion.

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Hyperbaric Testing Capabilities:

  • Pressure testing up to 26,500 psi / 1827 bar
  • 1 x chamber size 117mm diameter x 6.7m length
  • 1 x chamber size 4.5m diameter x 5m length
  • 1 x chamber size 115mm diameter x 2m length